Ways I Try To Live Earth Consciously

Ways I Try To Live Earth Consciously-- Simple but effective ways to live with the earths health in mind | graceandthane.com

This post contains affiliate links. Happy Earth day everyone! It’s raining here in the north country today, and I can’t help but realize how appropriate it is. Excuse me for being a bit melodramatic, but it’s as if the earth is crying. We as humans have not been very kind to our mother earth. Before … [Read more…]

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY | graceandthane.com

When our family first arrived here in upstate NY, our on post-house was not ready for us to move in yet. This meant we were living in hotels until we eventually found an opening in the on base cabins. Even though the cabins were a little more homey feeling, we were still going completely stir … [Read more…]

What I’ve Learned From Counting Calories

What I've Learned From Counting Calories-- What I've done wrong and what I've done right

Well I don’t know about you fellow army spouses, but I’ve had quite the experience with the army scheduling moves at the most absolute inconvenient times. This time around, it was shortly after I started counting calories as a way to shed the pounds I’d gained when my soldier came home from his deployment. Right … [Read more…]