Why Native Is The Best Deodorant Ever

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Why Native Is The Best Deodorant Ever-- This is why I decided to #gonative | graceandthane.comThe end of summer has arrived!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the end to stinky pits. If you’re like me, it’s a condition that I suffer from no matter what season it is. So, for years I’ve been on the hunt. On the hunt for a deodorant that doesn’t quit on me in the middle of the day, or worse, earlier than that. From you’re average run of the mill drugstore deodorants, to the higher priced ones labeled “clinical strength”. By mid day, they’ve ALL clocked out on me and left my pits, well to be frank, smelly. It’s annoying.

I had all but just about given up and was about to admit defeat in smelling like I hadn’t just ran a marathon. Not to mention, I never knew how toxic the ingredients used in deodorants are. Aluminum is linked to breast cancer and is found in almost all of the deodorants out there on the market. Yikes.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” – Native

I LOVE PINTEREST. Period. I use it for everything. One day while scrolling my news feed, I happened upon this post right here about the Five Best Deodorants For Women. On a whim without even batting an eyelash, I dove headfirst into trying the number one listed deodorant on there, Native. I ordered the lavender and rose scent because I love the smell of flowers (what women doesn’t, really) and figured it’d be a safe bet. Here’s what I thought:


Coming in at $12 even with free shipping, a little more expensive than the average over the counter deodorant, but I’m willing to pay that if it works. Besides, by comparison, a drugstore “clinical strength” stick will cost you around $8. $4 more for natural, non-toxic, aluminum and paraben free deodorant? A bargain if you ask me.


I hate getting anything scented online unless I’ve smelled it/owned it before. You can never quite correctly judge how something is going to really smell unless you’re experiencing it first hand.

Like I said before, I took a safe bet and went with Lavender Rose. Also available is Eucalyptus and Mint, Coconut and Vanilla (their most popular), Citrus and Herbal Musk, and Unscented. The scent is a very natural smelling scent, it doesn’t smell “fake”. I am very pleased.


I did the “sniff test” right about the time when my normal deodorant would quit on me, mid day. I was very happy to discover I smelled, well, normal. Not quite floral still, but not stinky. I smelled neutral. Which is awesome.

Before bed, I administered another “sniff test”. At this time (around 10 PM) I smelled a very faint smell of BO, but I really had to use some sniffing force if you will to notice it. The overall scent was still neutral.

I like to run and do yoga, so I was curious to see how it’d work post workout. A little more  non-neutral smelling then normal, but still overall WAY less stinky than I normally would post workout with any other brand.

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Little Black Dress

I’d say the only arena it failed in was the “Little Black Dress” test. I always, always, always get deodorant skid lines on my shirt when I put it on. This deodorant was no different in leaving a little residue on my shirt if I wasn’t careful with the way I flung it over my head. That’s not a big deal to me, I’ll just put it on after I shirt myself.

Overall, I admit triumph in the once never-ending task of finding a deodorant that works!

It’s not just for women either, it’s a unisex deodorant. Though, I’ve yet to test it on my husband. That review will be coming soon!

Bottom line

  • Performs better and longer than any deodorant I’ve ever used
  • Smells great
  • Fairly easy on the wallet
  • Natural and non-toxic (Paraben and Aluminum Free)
  • Did I mention it works?

Native deodorant is where it’s at. Buy it, love it, use it religiously.

Buy it here

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