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O'Cedar Steam Mop Review |

I’m baaacckkkk! Although I’d like to say that I’m completely finished with school and that I can now put full focus on this blog, sadly this is not the truth. Yet! While I’ve finished my studies, I will now spend the next two to three months studying and taking the certification exams. For now however, I can start easing back into writing, oh how I have missed it!

Over the past few months, it’s become increasingly more important for me to find natural, eco-friendly, and low waste solutions and products for our family. Ultimately, I’d absolutely love to have a zero waste lifestyle. Imagine the feeling you’d get from not contributing to the landfills that are outputting the greenhouse gasses, that are in turn, escalating the climate change on our planet. I long for that satisfaction, and for a healthy clean earth for my children to inherit.

I used to use a the Swiffer wet mop to clean our floors. Each time I would throw away a mop pad, I’d die a little inside knowing the fate of my trash. Traditional mop and bucket hasn’t appealed to me however. Personally I feel like it just pushes the dirt and grime around instead of truly cleaning and sanitizing, and my floors always has a stickiness to them afterwards that drove me nuts!

So I went on a search for a steam mop, I’ve wanted one for years! The idea of a sanitizing clean using no chemicals and leaving no waste behind is exciting to me! Amazon is always my go-to for buying online, and I always go by reviews! It came down to the Bissel 1940 steam freash mop, or this O’Cedar steam mop. Given the title of this, it’s needless to say which one I went with! For the same star ratings, the price was a bit cheaper, and I liked that it had a triangle head to get into the nooks and crannies, as opposed to Bissel’s rectangle head. Now that I’ve had it for a couple of months, I thought I”d share my true thoughts and opinions on this steam mop.

The Experiment

To compare it to my usual method of mopping, I put my imaginary science goggles and gloves on and performed an experiment. First I mopped the kitchen (our most used area of the house) using my Swiffer wet mop. Immediately following that, I then mopped using my O’Cedar steam mop. I was curious to see what, if any,  dirt and grime was left behind from the Swiffer.

Here is a pic of the Swiffer wet mop pad and the O’Cedar mop pad, pre-kitchen cleaning.

O'Cedar Steam Mop Review |


I’ve already used my steam mop a couple of times (I just couldn’t help it!), so my mop head has pre-existing stains. Below is the  post-cleaning comparison of both the Swiffer head (used first) and the steam mop head (used right afterwards). As you can see, the swiffer alone picks up some pretty grody stuff. However, look at all that grime the Swiffer (not surprisingly) left behind!! That steam mop head is absolutely yucky!!

O'Cedar Steam Mop Review |



  • The triangular head really does make it so easy to get into corners and along the baseboard crevices.
  • Since its steam, it has a fairly quick dry time and no sticky residue is ever left behind, because there are no chemicals!
  • The mop heads are machine washable. It comes with 2 and you can order more on Amazon here.
  • Unlike other steam mops I’ve seen, you’re not required to use distilled water unless you live in area that is known for hard water.
  • The heat up time is about 20 seconds, so you can get mopping in no time after turning it on.
  • There is an adjustable heat setting for different floor types.
  • It’s light! I can easily transfer it upstairs with one hand.
  • This mop comes with a carpet refresher attachment which I haven’t used. We have a carpet shampooer so I primarily use that.


  • Its made of plastic, so it doesn’t have that sturdiness of metal. although this has not been a problem for me so far.
  • There’s only one hole for the steam to come out of! To me, it should have at least three, one on each pointed side.
  • There have been complaints about the cord length. I can clean my entire kitchen in one go without having to relocate plugs. If you have a big open floor plan, you would most likely need to do find a new plug as you go along.
  • The steam cleans so well, it tends to strip the shine off of the floor. We have the typical post housing linoleum, so that’s not a major concern. Wood floors would probably lost their luster after a good steaming with this mop, but that’s just a guess as I haven’t tried it.
  • There’s no window to see the water level, again, that’s not a deal breaker for me.

The Verdict

All in all, I’m happy with my decision! It does its job and gives me the satisfaction of a sanitized floor with no chemicals and no post mopping waste. The fast dry time means I don’t have to ban the dog, kids, and husband afterwards, because we all know how hard that can be!

You can buy the O’Cedar Steam Mop from Amazon here.

I plan to continue finding and testing natural and earth friendly products, and I invite you to join me in making a more conscious effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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