Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY |

When our family first arrived here in upstate NY, our on post-house was not ready for us to move in yet. This meant we were living in hotels until we eventually found an opening in the on base cabins. Even though the cabins were a little more homey feeling, we were still going completely stir crazy!

Trying to find something to do to just get out and explore our new surroundings, I stumbled upon Sackets Harbor, NY. After a quick and beautiful 30 minute drive, we found ourselves in this small, historic, lakeside village.

CanAm Fest

We had traveled here with the intentions of walking around and just looking at what this place had to offer, but upon arrival realized we came during their annual CanAm fest! Held in mid July, this festival is on its 46th year of celebrating the friendship and love between Canada and America.

Since we had no idea this was taking place, we missed some of the events such as the parade and the soapbox race, a complete bummer considering our daughter loves parades and we would’ve loved to see a good ol’ fashioned soapbox race. Also on the schedule of events was an 1812 Shootout Lacrosse Tournament, a kite festival, a vintage baseball game, boat rides on Lake Ontario, and several live musical performances.

What we did get to witness, however, were the many local Canadian and American vendors that attended. The local honey, beeswax products, wines and cheeses were among our favorites. In the village itself is a place called Calla Lilies, and they make some of the best chocolates I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.We did not leave empty-handed, and it was a really good feeling to support the local businesses.

Of course now that we know that this event takes place every year, we will be attending CanAm Fest 2017, and we will not be missing out on all of the cool activities there are to see! If you live in the area or will be passing through and would like to attend, you can keep up to date by visiting their website.

War of 1812 Battle Reenactment 

During this living history weekend, reenactors gather around and provide military and tactical demonstrations. We found out about this reenactment during the CanAm fest. It usually takes place around the end of July or beginning of August.

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY-- Battle of 1812 Reenactment |

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY-- Battle of 1812 Reenactment |

Upon arrival, there were tents and campfires, cannons and guns as men and women dressed in period clothing went through their morning routine of getting ready for the upcoming battle.  We wandered around and were able to purchase and try on some period clothing pieces for ourselves, such as this fan and hat for our daughter and a pocket watch for my husband.

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY-- Battle of 1812 Reenactment |

The battle itself was small but very entertaining. It starts out on the lake, with the sound of canons signaling the start of two small ships taking shots at one another. It then moves onto land, with the lake in the background as the Brits and the Americans face off with shots fired and witty banter.

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY-- Battle of 1812 Reenactment |

Travel Tuesday- Sackets Harbor, NY-- Battle of 1812 Reenactment |

It was a sunny warm, and a nice day to witness this reenactment and give our kids a chance to learn more about the history of the area around us. We look forward to returning to see this battle once again this year and learn a little bit more than we did the last.



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