Travel Tuesday- Santa Fe Plaza, NM

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Travel Tuesday-Santa Fe Plaza |

Welcome back to my monthly series Travel Tuesday! Through this series, I share places I’ve been and thought were pretty cool/ beautiful and worth you visiting!

Today’s spotlight is a continuation of how and where we went on our very much belated honeymoon. Last month we explored a little bit of Ruidoso and Cloudcroft, NM in my post Oh The Places I’ve Been- Ruidoso and Cloudcroft, NMAfter a few days there, we road tripped a little further north to New Mexico’s capital of Santa Fe.

Where To Stay

Having been here a couple of times before, I had an idea of the area I wanted to spend some time with my soldier. The plaza has a lot of sightseeing to offer all in walking distance. We stayed at the historic Hotel St. FrancisI got us a great deal by using Trip Advisor, which is my trusted review site when traveling. It gives you the prices for every website so you know you’re going to score the lowest price possible.

Travel Tuesday-Santa Fe Plaza-- Hotel St. Francis |

The staff were welcoming and wonderful, although a few of the guests weren’t  which was…..odd. Parking was a pain, the ever so small dedicated parking lot for this hotel is always full so we had to pay for parking in the lot across from it. Luckily, we were walking everywhere so we only had to pay once upon leaving.

Travel Tuesday Santa Fe Plaza-- Hotel St. Francis |

On the walls of the landing floors were very cool pieces of the hotels history, such as this hotel guest ledger from 1928. The atmosphere was so serene. The room was gorgeous and comfy, and most importantly, clean! As a former housekeeper, I can appreciate a nice clean hotel room.

Travel Tuesday Santa Fe Plaza-- Hotel St. Francis |

We were here for St. Patrick’s day, so that night we checked out out the hotel’s bar. The bartender makes most of his drinks from scratch from quality ingredients and they were delicious. He was also funny, which is always a nice quality in a bartender.

Travel Tuesday Santa Fe Plaza-- Hotel St. Francis |

Where to Stroll

The plaza has a lot of things to offer. There are a ton of art galleries, some of which are very alternative. My favorite is the Chuck Jones Studio GalleryThey even have an area for little one’s to color and create their own works of art. Also in the plaza is the Georgia O’ Keeffe Museum which boasts itself as the most visited museum in Santa Fe.

The boutiques have a very southwestern style to them. The one that I always stop at when visiting is a place called Sock Magic. It’s a shop full of socks, what’s not to love? Fun socks (like my favorite constellation knee highs), functional socks (hiking, dress. etc), and a few handmade offerings, like a super awesome crochet viking hat I got for my kids. Of course another must see is the street vendors selling turquoise jewelry and the like.

Travel Tuesday Santa Fe Plaza-- Plaza Park |

There are a couple of notable churches to check out if that’s your cup of tea. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi is located across from the allegedly haunted La Fonda Hotel. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Another must see is The Loretta Chapel and it’s mysterious spiral staircase. I remember visiting it on a field trip as a kid. The miraculous staircase was built with no nails, only wooden pegs, and no visible signs of support, and it’s been featured on Unsolved Mysteries.

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The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

Where To Eat

Allow me to be a little biased here on this one. Being a New Mexican native, I have a love affair with green chile enchiladas. The best place to get really really cheesy yummy ones are the little mom and pop places and diners. The Burrito Company offers them in yellow or blue corn tortillas, along with the traditional rice an beans that you should never skip out on in my opinion.

Santa Fe Plaza’s Five & Dime General Store is the home of the world’s famous Frito pie made with homemade chili.

Lastly you can’t miss The French Pastry Shop, it’s a real deal, family owned and operated patisserie with crepes to die for. Along with a lot of desserts that are so hard to chose from because they’re all delicious. They only take cash so be sure to come with paper equipped!

There is so much more to explore, but these are my very favorite places to frequent when in the Santa Fe Plaza. Have you ever been? Where was your favorite place to check out? Tag me on Twitter @gracethaneblog, facebook @graceandthane or comment below!


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